What's Next?


  • After completing application online you will see a status page:
  • Denied
  • Approved - This means your qualification is being considered pending receipt of documentation requested on the benefits status page or welcome letter.
  • If approved, you may be asked to provide documentation. Immediately send required documents. Documents that may be requested are:
  • Taxes, all schedules/pages
  • Paystubs
  • W2s, 1099s
  • College students – FAFSA
  • You may also need to provide proof of citizenship and identity. See citizenship requirements for acceptable documentation.

Documentation can be uploaded through your online account or sent to:

Insure Oklahoma Support
P.O. Box 54200
Oklahoma City, OK 73154−1200

Or fax to 405-530-3433

***If requested documents are not received by the deadlines indicated on the letters it will result in the application being terminated. To resume coverage applicant must go through the application process again***


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