What YOU Should Know

What Every Employee Should Know About the Insure Oklahoma Program:

  • Your employer must be approved for Insure Oklahoma.
  • Your employer must have provided your Employee Eligibility Number (EEN), which is required for employees to apply online.

    You Must Report

    • All annual household income received, earned and unearned. Refer to the income fact sheet for a list of income that must be reported.
    • All household members, their Social Security number and employment information including wages.
    • Information about a child's parent who is not living in the applicant's household.

      How to get application information:

      • If an individual chooses to apply, they may apply on the website.
      • Eligibility for subsidies begins the first day of the month after the date of application.
      • A completed application must contain true and accurate information. All applications are subject to review and audit for accuracy. Eligibility may be reversed at any time if inconsistencies are found. All monies paid in error will be subject to recoupment.

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