What Is The Individual Plan?

  • Insure Oklahoma (IO) is run by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.
  • The individual plan is a limited health coverage option for qualified Oklahomans. Please see the member handbook for a partial list of covered and non-covered services.
  • Member Handbook - English | Spanish   
  • As an Insure Oklahoma individual plan member, you can choose an Insure Oklahoma provider for yourself and your spouse if you qualify.
  • Applicants are responsible for a monthly premium. Premiums are based on household size and income, and are limited to four percent of annual household income. Insure Oklahoma calculates the premium once an application has been approved.
    • Applicants must pay their co-pays to receive services.
    • Coverage is not immediate. The initial premium must be paid before coverage begins. 


***Late payments received and cashed do not reinstate the Insure Oklahoma policy absent reapplication and acceptance by Insure Oklahoma. Any funds received for policies which are not subsequently reinstated will be returned and do not constitute an agreement for coverage nor will they be applied to previous periods occurring between cancellation and possible reinstatement. ***


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