Qualified Health Plans

The Insure Oklahoma/O-EPIC program does not facilitate the purchase of any private health plans.

If your business is not currently enrolled in a qualified health plan, we suggest you contact an agent (producer) to begin this process. If your business is enrolled in a private health plan, you should see if your current plan is included on the list of Insure Oklahoma qualified health plans. If your private health plan is not on the list, and is not Insure Oklahoma qualified, you should contact your agent. Your agent can work with the health plan carrier to begin the qualification process.

When filling out the Small Business Employer Application (O-EPIC-1 Form), you must indicate the health plan name and ID number. Please review the participating Insure Oklahoma qualified health plans and identify which one is right for your business.

Note: The health plan coverage period MUST begin on the first of the month and end on the last day of the month. This will allow us and the carrier the necessary time to process monthly invoices so businesses receive timely subsidy payments.


Carriers' Applications for Qualified Health Plans Consideration