Important Facts to Know Before Proceeding


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  • The employer must have an operating location in Oklahoma (have an FEIN registered with the Oklahoma Employment Securities Commission)
  • The employer can employ no more than 250 employees at a for-profit business. A nonprofit employer may employ up to 500 employees.
  • The employer must be enrolled, or in the process of enrolling in, a qualified health plan.





Important Facts to Remember:

  • When changing qualified health plans there is a 30-day processing time frame. Please plan accordingly so no coverage is lost for subsidy payments.
  • All pages of invoices must be submitted monthly in order to receive subsidy.
  • Federal taxes are required for all business owners and self-employed persons listed on staff listings at application and each year at renewal.
  • Persons paid via 1099s are NOT employees of the business and do not qualify for subsidy. 1099 persons are considered self-employed and may apply under the Individual Plan.
  • All new hires and terminations should be reported with the employer change form.