Agent FAQ

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What is Insure Oklahoma?
What does the acronym OEPIC stand for?
Where can I find more detailed information on the Insure Oklahoma program?
What can we do to keep people on government plans such as Medicaid from using those government plans once they are eligible for the Insure Oklahoma Plan?
Is there a limit to the amount that an employer can contribute to the premiums for the coverage?
Will the state require participation of employees who do not have other coverage?
Some carriers have minimum participation requirements. What if the group is unable to come up with the required participation percentage?
How will a broker know if a plan is eligible for the subsidy?
How will information about the program reach the employers and employees?
If an insured chooses to enroll their child(ren) into the group plan, will the state be able to break out the premium for the employee (and spouse) in order to provide the subsidy to the employer?
Without continuous prior coverage, many of these employees will be subject to a pre-existing conditions provision on indemnity business. Since carriers exclude coverage under pre-ex, will these ...
Will the state be responsible for tracking both employee contributions and employee expenses to calculate the caps?
Are out of network services, additional deductibles for specific services, and other 'non-standard' expenses excluded from the 5 percent cap?
Does an insured's enrollment in the program release the administrator from HIPAA issues, since claim information and reimbursement will be exchanged?
Does the state of Oklahoma recognize common law marriages?
Since carriers cannot terminate an insured for fraudulent use of an ID card, i.e. allowing someone else to use their card, what protections are carriers afforded under this program should fraud ...
Is participation in this program optional for carriers?
Can carriers select specific plans and or products to exclude from the program, even if they meet the plan design criteria?
Where can carriers find detailed information on Qualified Health Plan requirements?
Are there reporting requirements or additional administrative responsibilities for carriers participating in Insure Oklahoma?